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VENEER GAVEL PLAQUE with a Medallion
VENEER GAVEL PLAQUE with a Medallion

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Veneer Gavel Plaque
with a Medallion 

A Solid Walnut Gavel is mounted on a vneer plaque
with a dark walnut finish.

Your logo or stock art will be placed in the medallion. 

Accent Plates add color and depth
 to your plaques.


Plaque engraving is $.15 per letter. 


 #GPV810    $37.45       8" x 10"
 #GPV912    $50.45       9" x 12"

Product Options:
Size and Pricing
Choose your ENGRAVING PLATE and matching MEDALLION metal color. See Sample Color Swatches Below
OPTIONAL: Choose your design style


Please be sure to take note of the product name, (VENEER GAVEL PLAQUE with a Medallion) product ID, (276) product variations, colors, etc. before clicking on the link below.  You will need this information complete the order form.

CLICK HERE for our order form and instructions on how to order & add engraving details / custom artwork to this item

CLICK HERE to view our STOCK ARTWORK catalog

Available Colors
VENEER GAVEL PLAQUE with a Medallion





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